Children's Workshops

For young artists ages 4 to 12.


Registration is open for all summer workshops.
Registration can be completed online or over the phone at 920.868.3455.


Fostering the Next Generation's Imagination

Designed for ages 4 to 12, Peninsula School of Art's children's curriculum encourages young artists to discover their sources of inspiration and express themselves in new ways. From painting to sculpture and printmaking to ceramics, our five-day workshops foster inquisitiveness, inspire the pursuit of meaningful ideas, and promote self-expression. 

Housed in a brand-new space, our youth studios are designed with our youngest artist' needs in mind. In these spaces, children engage in the creative process from start to finish through unique lessons developed by our summer-long instructors in collaboration with PenArt's Director of Education. Demonstrations, group brainstorms, field trips around the grounds, and tours of exhibitions in the Guenzel Gallery punctuate hands-on working time throughout the week. On the final day of class, young artists share their work with family and friends in a studio exhibition.

While our program explores a range of media and technical skills, the goal of every workshop is to help children discover a myriad of ways to use their imagination to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary; a skill we deeply value and believe serves our students well beyond the studio.