Teen Workshops

Programs for artists ages 13 to 17. 



Registration for our school-year and summer teen workshops is open.

Registration can be completed online or by phone at 920.868.3455.

For Aspiring Teen Artists

Whether your teen is testing their creative interests or preparing a college portfolio, PenArt offers opportunities to expand their creative potential. Intensive hands-on experiences encourage teens to explore new concepts, exchange ideas, and develop a studio practice.

Focused on the areas of ceramics, screen printing, illustration, and large-scale, mural painting, teen workshops are held in dedicated studios; providing access to artist-grade materials, professional equipment, and digital resources. Throughout the week, instructors challenge students to become more confident risk takers through technical skill building exercises and creative experiments that play to their strengths and encourage them to tackle their weaknesses. More self-directed projects and individualized feedback help teen artists find their unique voice. Each week will close with a brief conversation about the work created, challenges and triumphs, and what each student is excited to explore next.

Upcoming Workshops