Turchan, W Headshot


Wendi Turchan

2D Studio Arts
  • Credentials: Lecturer of Art at UW-Fond du Lac; MFA in Studio Art from University of Oregon
  • Areas of Expertise: Foundations in 2D and 3D art making; Drawing; Painting using watercolor, gouache, acrylic, oil, and spray paints; Mixed media painting; Collage; and Art history and appreciation.
  • Since staying at home, Wendi’s schedule includes teaching virtually, working in her studio, doing yoga, spoiling her dog, cooking almost every meal, finding projects to do around her 100+ year-old house, and trying to maintain a comforting environment for her fiancé who is an essential employee. Most days she secretly loves the juggling act.
  • One silver lining in these uncertain times for Wendi is her new pop-up greenhouse and freshly sprouted plants. Wendi is now an obsessive plant parent – talking to, misting, and moving them around for perfect sunlight – and hoping not to micro-manage them to death.
Wendi Turchan - Mini Interview 2020