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Workshops for All Levels

Peninsula School of Art welcomes students of all levels of experience - novice to advanced. Some of our programs are tailored for beginners and some require prior experience; most welcome a range of skill levels. They feature an appropriate mixture of exercises, lectures, demonstrations, presentations, along with plenty of hands-on experience.

Skill Level Guidelines

Our guidelines are intended to help you determine which workshops are best suited to your level of experience. Each workshop has been rated with one or more skill levels. These levels indicate the technical knowledge and experience a student should have to effectively participate in the program. If you need help deciding if a workshop is right for you, please email or call our staff at 920.868.3455.

Skill Levels

Level 1

A Skill Level 1 workshop does not require any previous art making experience. Build a foundation in the materials, techniques, and vocabulary of the medium.

Level 2

A Skill Level 2 workshop requires basic experience and training in the medium. Improve technical skills and begin exploring content in your work.

Level 3

A Skill Level 3 workshop requires a growing level of confidence with all aspects of the medium and ability to work and solve problems independently.

Level 4

A Skill Level 4 workshop requires experience, competency, and fluency in the medium. Artistic growth is emphasized through independent work and critique.

All Levels

An All Levels workshop welcomes students of any skill and knowledge level. Instructors offer a balanced and flexible curriculum tailored to each student’s experience.



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