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Shannon Estlund

2D Studio Arts
  • Credentials: Instructor at Minneapolis College of Art and Design and Augsburg College; MFA in Visual Studies from Minneapolis College of Art and Design
  • Areas of Expertise: Composition; Color theory; Graphite, charcoal, and pastel-based drawing; Life drawing; Oil, acrylic, and watercolor painting; Representational drawing and painting; and Landscape painting.
  • Since staying at home, Shannon has transitioned her classes mid-term to remote online learning for two separate colleges. She is now teaching studio courses from home, home-schooling her two daughters, and working in her basement studio.
  • One silver lining in these uncertain times for Shannon is since her kids have started home-schooling, her daughter Sonja has been studying Marie Kondo’s organization techniques and has been working to convert her. Shannon hasn’t even worked her way through her bedroom yet, but her sock drawer looks amazing.