Calderwood, J Headshot


Jessica Calderwood

3D Studio Arts - Metals
  • Credentials: Associate Professor of Art at Ball State University (Indiana); MFA in Metalworking from Arizona State University
  • Areas of Expertise: Metalsmithing; Enameling; Soldering; Joining and combining unusual media; Creative stone and object setting; Electroforming; Felting; and Drawing.
  • Since staying at home, Jessica has transitioned her university studio courses to an online format. While operating as a professor remotely, she is also a homeschool aid, chef extraordinaire, and studio artist.
  • One silver lining in these uncertain times for Jessica is extra time spent with her family. She has also become a novice bird watcher and started building bluebird and wren boxes with scrap wood to encourage more winged visitors. Watching them nest around her yard has been a lovely distraction and reminder that life carries on.