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Individual Support for Your Artistic Journey, Delivered to Your Home

For 55 years, the Peninsula School of Art has provided meaningful experiences in support of the artistic development of students of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. During this unprecedented and extraordinary time, that hasn’t changed. While we may not be able to meet in person right now, we have created an alternative mode for you to connect with our incredible faculty and enrich the time you are spending safely at home.

New this summer, is our Distant Mentorship Program. Designed to meet you where you are, both literally and figuratively, this program matches you with a faculty mentor for a virtual one-on-one, hour-long conversation tailored to your individual interests, challenges, and questions. Our mentors are seasoned artists and educators who prioritize getting to know you and your work before offering advice, guidance, and direction. Sign off from your virtual session with the confidence you need to take the next, important steps in your practice, as well as realistic strategies to help you reach your artistic goals.


Not Sure Where to Start Your Conversation?

Use this list to help craft your personalized session.

  • Gather feedback on current in-progress and/or finished work.
  • Discuss possibilities and directions for future work.
  • Help working through a creative block.
  • Prompts for experimentation and risk-taking. 
  • Assistance troubleshooting materials and processes.
  • Recommendations of relevant articles, books, documentaries, and other resources.
  • References of historical and/or contemporary artists.
  • Discuss training and educational opportunities.
  • Help identifying professional opportunities, such as exhibitions, residencies, or funding.
  • Review of or help creating an artist statement, bio, and resume.
  • Help with photographing and submitting work.
  • Assistance in setting goals for both the short- and long-term.
  • Career guidance and methods for building a sustainable art practice.
  • Suggestions for advancing artistic growth.

Meet our Mentors 2D, 3D and Photo and Digital Arts

$95 for Members
$105 for non-Members


Before each mentorship session, we ask you to fill out a brief worksheet to help both you and your mentor organize your thoughts and questions ahead of time.

Download Worksheet

Turchan, W Headshot

Wendi Turchan - 2D

Areas of Expertise: Foundations in 2D and 3D art making; Drawing; Painting using watercolor, gouache, acrylic, oil, and spray paints; Mixed media painting; Collage; and Art history and appreciation.

More about Wendi.

Calderwood, J Headshot

Jessica Calderwood - Metals

Areas of Expertise: Metalsmithing; Enameling; Soldering; Joining and combining unusual media; Creative stone and object setting; Electroforming; Felting; and Drawing.

More about Jessica.

Morris, A Headshot

Allen Morris - Photo & Digital

Areas of Expertise: Analog and digital format photography; Digital image editing; Alternative process photography; Bookbinding and editing; Narrative photography; Visualizing ideas in photography; and Concepts of space and place.

More about Allen.

Estlund, S Headhshot

Shannon Estlund - 2D

Areas of Expertise: Composition; Color theory; Graphite, charcoal, and pastel-based drawing; Life drawing; Oil, acrylic, and watercolor painting; Representational drawing and painting; and Landscape painting.

More about Shannon.

Sullivan, M Headshot

Meghan Sullivan - Clay

Areas of Expertise: Hand building; Wheel working; Solid sculpting; High and low firing methods; Functional objects; Figurative sculpture; and Surface techniques including sgraffito, mishima, monoprinting, and stencils.

More about Meghan.

Roozee, T Headshot

Travis Roozee - Photo & Digital

Areas of Expertise: Analog and digital photography; Color workflow knowledge from capture to digital and print output; Chemical and alternative photographic processes; Location and studio lighting; Portfolio development; and Tethered capture and post-production software, including Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Rhino, and Blender 3D applications.

More about Travis.


Rules of Engagement

What is Expected of You

  • Be committed.
  • Question and reflect.
  • Communicate openly.
  • Be open-minded to opportunities, new experiences, and different ideas.
  • Accept feedback and learn from it.
  • Be prepared and organized in your presentation and participation.
  • Follow through on the work you discuss and begin in the session.

What You Can Expect of Your Mentor

  • Challenge, motivate, and inspire you.
  • Be patient and build trust with you.
  • Offer alternative perspectives.
  • Encourage self-directed reflection, analysis, and problem-solving.
  • Communicate experiences and challenges as a professional artist.
  • Provide you with effective feedback.
  • Acknowledge areas in which they do not have the necessary expertise and refer you to other resources.
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