Covid-19 Policies


PenArt COVID-19 Safety Policies

While you are at PenArt, your health and safety are our top priority. We have established the COVID-19 Safety Policies below with added layers of precaution while continuing to provide you with the Peninsula School of Art experience that you know and enjoy.

Preparing for Your Workshop/Program:

  • Please pack a face covering. Face coverings are required for all students, faculty, visitors, and staff when on campus.
  • If you are enrolled in a workshop/program beginning before October 31st, vaccination is highly encouraged, but not required for participation. Those who do provide proof of vaccination have the option to remove their mask when at their distanced workstation.
  • If you are enrolled in a workshop/program beginning November 1st or later, proof of vaccination is required for participation. For the well-being of our community, it is necessary to do everything we can to preserve the health of all individuals who utilize our facility, and setting a mandated standard is an important step in keeping PenArt a safe space for all. Submit proof of your vaccination status here.
  • Self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms. If you have a cough or fever, please stay home.

When You Arrive for Your Workshop/Program:

  • Staff, faculty, and students are required to agree to the Five Commitments of Containment:
    • I will maintain six feet of distance from anyone not in my household.
    • I will wash my hands often.
    • I will cover my face in public.
    • I will self-screen for symptoms each day and stay/go home if I am sick.
    • I will self-report if I experience symptoms and seek testing immediately.

During Your Workshop/Program:

  • In the Studio:
    • No more than 13 people are permitted in a studio space, including the instructor. *In the ceramics and metals studios, no more than 9 people are permitted.
    • Workstations are set six feet apart for adults and three feet apart for children and teens or set up with plexiglass barriers when necessary. Stations are assigned.
    • Frequent and thorough hand washing is highly encouraged. Hand sanitizing stations can be found throughout the building as well.
  • Cleaning and Disinfecting:
    • Studios, bathrooms, and common spaces are disinfected using electrostatic technology at the end of each class day.
    • Areas of the building are closed to the public. These spaces include the staff offices, library, and kitchen.
    • DIY cleaning kits are available in the studios. All participants are expected to pitch in to keep themselves and their spaces clean.
  • Food and Beverage:
    • Students (June - October) have the option to purchase a box lunch for $10 each day. Students who choose to pack a lunch should do so in a personal cooler kept at their workstation. The school refrigerator and microwave are not available for student use during this time.
    • Water and coffee are available in the gallery at all times.

In Case of Illness:

  • All participants are asked to familiarize themselves with COVID symptoms.
  • Print-outs with detailed information about local medical facilities are available.
  • If anyone is experiencing symptoms, they should tell a staff member immediately.
  • Ill students with COVID-like symptoms (cough and fever) are asked to leave and seek medical care.
  • PenArt staff cannot provide medical care or transportation to care facilities.
  • PenArt will work with the required outside health departments for contact tracing.

Thank you for helping to keep our community safe and adhering to these policies. As guidelines change, we will revise this page and notify you of changes to our operations.