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Selecting the Right Workshop for You: A How-To


Over 100 instructors will pass through PenArt’s studios this summer; each one bringing a different approach to and perspective on art making. While this diversity creates an exciting and comprehensive curriculum, it can make answering the burning question of “Which workshop should I invest in this year?” even more challenging. We’re here to help!

Browse the Catalog
An obvious first step, yes, but a necessary one. We encourage you to look through all of the artistic disciplines and note what workshops spark your interest; it may be an interesting image, a technique or medium you’re not familiar with, or a new instructor name. Trust your creative gut and don’t overthink your first look through the catalog.

Ask (and Answer) Questions
Give us a call or send us an email! We’re happy to elaborate on the content of the workshop, discuss any required experience, and answer your questions. In exchange, we have some questions of our own to get to know you, understand your artistic goals, and ultimately help you find the right fit.

Look Over the Supply List
As you narrow down your search, check out the supply lists. These can be found on each workshop page beneath the instructor’s bio. Every workshop requires an investment in quality materials. Take a look to see if you already have comparable materials on hand in your home studio and what you’ll need to purchase. Swing through The Artists Guild in Sturgeon Bay on your way to class; they offer PenArt students a discount.  

Get to Know Our Instructors
Read their bios, visit their websites, and learn more about what makes them tick. While our workshops are not designed to teach you how to paint exactly like any one instructor, each instructor does share ideas, techniques, and materials close to their practice. Browsing their work online might just help you off the fence.

Register Early 
You’ve made your decision and it’s time to secure your spot. Registrations can be completed online or over the phone at 920.868.3455. After that, relax! We’ll keep you informed on what to expect with a confirmation email after your registration and a reminder email in the weeks leading up to class. If a question comes up, you know where to find us.


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