Morris, A Headshot


Allen Morris

Photo | Digital Arts
  • Credentials: Lecturer of Photography at the Peck School of the Arts at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; MFA in Studio Art from University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Areas of Expertise: Analog and digital format photography; Digital image editing; Alternative process photography; Bookbinding and editing; Narrative photography; Visualizing ideas in photography; and Concepts of space and place.
  • Since staying at home, Allen spends much of each day teaching remotely and helping his students manage their time and anxieties successfully during this complicated academic time. In his own work, Allen is exploring a new landscape from his apartment – houseplants – while also training his new puppy Aggie to be the best furry assistant possible.
  • One silver lining in these uncertain times for Allen is more time to work on his breadmaking skills. He has successfully built his own sourdough starter that has played a starring role in his new baking adventures. Ask Allen about his KILLER Chocolate Chip Sourdough Scone recipe!