Adult Worrkshops

Adult Workshops

Over 130 workshops in all fine art media for all levels.


Due to the impacts of Covid-19, we have made the difficult to decision to cancel all previously announced in-person programs and events through October 31, 2020.  We have taken some of our studio programs online. 


2-D Studio Arts

Peninsula School of Art’s drawing, painting, and printmaking curriculum strikes a balance between upholding traditional methods that have stood the test of time and celebrating the innovative approaches to art making of today. We believe the variety of workshops offered each summer and fall is our greatest strength; ensuring there is a place for students of all skill levels and creative interests. 

Our visiting faculty members are artists and educators operating at the highest level. Instructors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to our program, which are generously shared to advance the technical skills, conceptual directions, and personal motivations of each student.

Our spacious and light-filled 2D studios provide an inspirational setting for creative work. Large tables, professional easels, and taborets outfit the drawing and painting studios, while a Graphic Chemical etching press, LED exposure unit, and all of the necessary tools complete the printmaking studio.


3-D Studio Arts

The metals and ceramics curriculum at Peninsula School of Art emphasizes process over product. We believe the finished piece is only one step in a student’s artistic development. Our workshops, at all levels, encourage students to examine the materials at hand, experiment with various techniques, and exchange ideas. When the stresses of completing a perfect piece are set aside, students experience tremendous growth.

Phenomenal artists and educators, our visiting faculty members aim to improve students’ fluency in the materials and tools of each medium, as well as help students to determine new conceptual directions.

Our designated 3D studios are fully equipped, organized with the full spectrum of tools needed, and filled with natural light. The metals studio is outfitted with hand tools for forming and finishing, a rolling mill, soldering setups, enameling kilns, casting equipment, and all of the necessary benchtop power tools. The ceramics studio features potter’s wheels, a slab roller, large tables for hand building, two electric kilns, and three raku kilns.


Photography and Digital Arts

Peninsula School of Art’s photography and digital arts curriculum merges traditional and contemporary approaches to digital photography, hybrid photography processes featuring digital and analog tools, and methods for using technology within other artistic disciplines. Our workshops are designed to provide both the beginning and advanced student an opportunity to refine and shape their skills.

Visiting photography and digital faculty members are exceptional artists and educators. Drawing upon their own experience and knowledge, instructors help students build technical skills, determine new conceptual directions, and develop a sustainable creative practice through various teaching methods.

While the school is a home base for lectures, discussions, and computer-based work, many workshops venture into the unique surrounding landscape for inspiration and fieldwork. The studio is outfitted with a projector for sharing images and video, lighting equipment, seamless backdrops, an Epson printer, and stations for students to plug in their own laptops and tablets.

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