Adult Workshops

Over 130 workshops in all fine art media.


Workshops for All Levels in all Fine Art Media

No matter your skill level, we offer fine art workshops and classes that will help you build your skills and aquire new techniques. Most workshops run between May and October and are two to four days in length.

2020 Summer Fall Workshop Catalog will be available online in late December. Member registration opens January 14, 2020. General registration opens January 28, 2020


2-D Studio Arts

Peninsula School of Art’s drawing, painting, and printmaking workshops are designed to encourage artists of all levels to pursue their creative interests, take risks, and develop skill, free from the pressures of everyday life. Our spacious, light-filled painting and printmaking studios provide an inspiring setting, while our innovative faculty help you to explore and expand your practice. Beginning students gain a strong foundation in the history, materials, and techniques of the medium, while more experienced painters and printmakers gain fresh perspectives in both content and technique. At all levels and in all 2D media, artistic growth and discovery are of the utmost importance, with finished pieces representing only part of the process.


3-D Studio Arts

Open doors to new ideas, processes, and techniques in one of Peninsula School of Art’s 3D workshops. Our designated studio spaces are fully equipped and organized with the full spectrum of tools needed, allowing you to focus on the creative challenges at hand. Our 2019 workshop season features innovative faculty sharing traditional and experimental approaches to functional ceramics, jewelry design and metalsmithing, as well as clay- and metal-based sculpture. Beginners can expect to learn the fundamentals of design, construction, and safe studio practices. More advanced students can expect guided time to explore and experiment, with an emphasis on idea development, process, and sound construction. Across the 3D curriculum, PenArt and our faculty emphasize process over product; experiences that aid in each students’ personal growth and artistic development.


Photography & Digital Arts

Discover a range of visual storytelling perspectives and methods in Peninsula School of Art’s photography workshops. While the school is a home base for lectures and discussions, our innovative faculty use the unique surrounding landscape to encourage the creative, intellectual, and personal growth of students of all levels. First-time photographers gain an understanding of the technical workings of their cameras, while more experienced students develop context in image capture through historical precedents, experimental methods, and personal content. The objective of every workshop is artistic discovery and growth, with finished pieces representing only one part of the journey.


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