Workshop Skill Levels

Peninsula School of Art offers programs for students of all levels and abilities. They feature an appropriate mixture of exercises, lectures, demonstrations, power point/slide presentations, along with plenty of hands-on experience.

All programs are listed at the minimum level of experience required. If you need help deciding if a workshop is right for you, please call our staff at 920.868.3455.

  • A Level I class requires no prior experience in the particular medium. Instruction in materials and design principles will be provided, as well as encouragement throughout the learning process.

  • A Level II class requires basic experience in the medium and knowledge of design principles. Encouragement will be offered throughout the workshop, as well as suggestions for future work and classes.

  • A Level III class requires formal training, such as two or more previous workshops in the medium, as well as confident drawing and design skills. Artist-quality materials and equipment will be used. Constructive critiques and suggestions about future works can be expected. 

  • A Level IV class requires a facility with the techniques and tools of the medium, developed drawing and design skills, and the ability to work independently. Constructive critiques will provide feedback on technical and conceptual directions for future work.

  • A Level V class requires experience, confidence, and competency in the medium, developed drawing and design skills, and quality artist materials. Artistic growth and creative challenge will be emphasized through independent working time and rigorous critique.