Every year we offer extraordinary opportunities for learning and art making to local students through our We LOVE Art project and corresponding children's exhibition. We LOVE Art is designed to integrate core curriculum subjects with the arts. Serving nearly 500 local students, the project offers free all-day field trips to PenArt where students connect math, history, or literature with art concepts.

The theme of this year's We LOVE Art program is In Tune with Our Past and aims to immerse students in Door County‚Äôs maritime and land settlement histories through language, music and art. Hearing stories shared by volunteers from Write On Door County and music by Door County singer/songwriter Katie Dahl, children write lyrics and poetry of their own. Art projects use these words, lyrics and ideas as the basis to  create posters illustrated in ink and watercolor, fabric banners, and linocuts that advertise the benefits of Door County from both its earliest days and today.

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