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A Visual Thread


A Chain of Inspiration

On view April 24-May 29, 2021


Reply All: A Visual Thread is the result of an ongoing collaboration between twenty-one artists. Beginning with Dylan Thomas’s opening line, The force that through the green fuse drives the flower, each artist’s work inspired the next in a visual game of telephone. Come see the work in person early on and return often as the final work of art will be completed during the run of the exhibition.


Participating Artists

Anne Kelly, Christine Style, Cheryl Stidwell Parker, John Whitney, Christy Kelly-Bentgen, Abigail Olson, Jane Constable Hostetler, Gloria Case, Margaret Lockwood, Tom Ansley, Daniel Danielson, William Christiansen, Maureen Mercier, Barbara Simonson, Penny Niesen, Susan Reynolds-Smith, Bobbie Puttrich, Carol Emmons, Karen Hertz-Sumnicht, Kathleen Nelson, Jennifer Cooney Vupas


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