Plad blue glass monster holding a gold ball

Old is New

Contemporary Artists Using Historic Techniques

October 3-November 28, 2020




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People have been making art for over 100,000 years. Throughout that long history, new materials and techniques were discovered, fell in and out of popularity, and were sometimes nearly forgotten. Old is New presents the work of contemporary artists using historic materials and techniques to speak to today’s culture.


Participating Artists

Saturday, October 17

Family Art Day: Forging with Clay
9am - noon in Guenzel Gallery

Lunchtime Talk: Dan Nauman
12:15-1pm online via zoom


Saturday, November 21

Family Art Day: Portable Frescos
9am - noon in Guenzel Gallery

Lunchtime Talk: N. Sean Glover
12:15-1pm online via zoom

crochete wire jewelry with black powdercoat and flesh colored siliconeMelis Agabigum

Textile Techniques

Melis Agabigum received her MFA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and her BFA from the University of Michigan. Her work has been shown both nationally and internationally. Currently, Melis is the area head of Jewelry & 3D Fabrication at Earlham College and an active contributor to Art Jewelry Forum.

Bracelet made from recycled tins

Harriete Estel Berman


Harriete Estel Berman received her MFA in metalsmithing from Tyler School of Art, Temple University. Since then she has exhibited regularly in the United States and Europe including seven solo shows. In addition to teaching, giving workshops, and lectures, her work is in 16 public collections and has been featured in over 40 books.


circular fresco with a blue tree in a dark forest

Christopher Carroll


Christopher Carroll received his MFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. He is currently Program Coordinator and Media Lab Manager at Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture. His sculpture, video art, and prints created from his exploration into the collision of nature and society have been exhibited nationally and internationally.


Egg tempera painting of a turtle ringed with gold leaf and red paint on a paper plate

MF Dondelinger

Egg Tempera

MF Dondelinger has studios in northern Idaho and southern Arizona. She follows the sun between them both. Mountain biking, hiking and taking walks with her husband and dogs keep her connected to the land and breathing deep.


Islamic calligraphy drawn with light

Khadiga El-Ghawas


Khadiga El-Ghawas is the only female Calligraffiti artist on WideWalls’ top-ten list. She has become Egypt’s first “Light Calligrapher,” and the first woman in the world to master blending words, light, and photography along with nine other men in the world. She is a dentist, graffiti artist, and contemporary calligrapher in Egypt.


Bottle in the shape of a ceramic squirrel covered in writing and holding a gun

Michelle Erickson


Michelle Erickson has a BFA from the College of William and Mary and is an independent ceramic artist and scholar. Internationally recognized for her mastery of colonial era ceramic techniques, her pieces reinvent ceramic history to create 21st century social, political, and environmental narratives.


Multi-colored, geometric fragment of fresco on a scrap of burlap

N. Sean Glover


N. Sean Glover is an artist and educator who uses a wide range of materials and processes (both new and old) to investigate the histories of objects, labor, and technology. He has exhibited internationally. Sean currently teaches at Lesley Art+Design (in Cambridge, MA) and works in his studio in Boston, MA.


Repeating geometric shapes, the outlines of which are made with strips of white paper standing on edge



Judith+Rolfe is a bespoke paper art studio based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Judith and Rolfe (noms de guerre) both have backgrounds in architecture. They specialize in creating contemporary artwork out of on-edge paper strips. Themes of geometry, flora, and typography influence the work.


Painting of dramitically lit hockey table in an arcade

Siobhan McBride


Siobhan Mcbride is received her MFA in painting from the University of Pennsylvania. Her work has been exhibited at Standard Space (Sharon, CT), Tai Modern (Santa Fe, NM), DC Moore (NYC), NurtureArt (Brooklyn, NY), Roswell Museum and Art Center and the University of Maine Museum of Art in Bangor, ME.


Tintype of a guy wearing angel wings

Margaret Muza

Wetplate photography

Margaret Muza has been practicing wetplate since 2015. Co-owner of an old church, she continues her work in the sanctuary-turned-studio just south of Milwaukee. In addition to documenting families at home during the pandemic, she has been working to photograph the social justice movement in the events following the death of George Floyd.


Ironwork with curls of round black bar and a spiraled ribbon of red and gold

Dan Nauman


Dan nauman is an award-winning blacksmith, and has provided ironworks for many organizations and estates including the Lynden Sculpture Garden in Miwaukee and Bjorklunden Lodge in Baileys Harbor. He currently works and teaches at Bighorn Forge, which he established in 1993 in Kewaskum.


Clear glass ovals with frosted cameos connected by chains of clear glass seed beads

Charlotte Potter

Cameo Glass

Charlotte Potter received her MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and BFA from Alfred University. In addition to her personal studio practice, Potter has pioneered the field of performance glass in her work as the Glass Studio Manager and Programming Director at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, VA.

Courtesy Lisa Sette Gallery.


Plad blue glass monster holding a gold ball

Austin Stern

Blown Glass

Austin Stern began blowing glass at the age of 14 and earned a BFA in glassblowing from Emporia State University in Kansas. Since moving to Seattle in 2013 Stern has worked with an array of notable glass artists, taught glassblowing workshops nationally and internationally, and exhibited works in Sweden, Thailand, and the United States.


Oil painting of the torso of a superman figurine with an upside down pewter coffee pot over its head

Frank Trankina

Oil Painting

Frank Trankina received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and his MA and BFA from Northern Illinois University. He exhibits internationally, and his work is included in the collections of the John Michael Kohler Arts Center and Rockford Art Museum, among others. Trankina is currently a professor at Northern Illinois University.