Kids Create

Works Inspired by Family Art Day Projects


Participating Artists

This year our Family Art Day projects were packaged as take home kits. This is an exhibition of what young artists made with them.


Connor J

Age 2, Egg Harbor


Pound It!

"I was inspired to pound the clay!"


Two year old boy hammering clay


Lilah B

Age 5, Bailey's Harbor


The Angel

"I made it like that because it’s almost Christmas and I want to make joy."


Girl holding a fresco painting of a Christmas tree with presents underneath


Mieke S

Age 7, Madison



"This reminds me of my Glammie. (Grandma) She celebrated St. Lucia as a little girl."


Clay bust of a girl with pigtails and a wreath with candles on her head


Kellyn J

Age 8, Egg Harbor



"It looks like there’s a face in it!"



"I love ponies and was inspired to make a pony statue."


Abstract collage of black lines and dots outlined with green, blue, pink, yellow, or orange on a white background


Girl holding a small clay horse head


Katie K

Age 12, Kenilworth


Self Portrait

"I love working with clay!"


Solar Creativity with Plants

"I love making beautiful art this way! I plan to frame these 3 together."


Picture of a girl holding a small clay bust of a girl


Clay bust of a smiling girl with long hair - 3/4 view

Clay bust of a smiling girl with long hair - front view


Clay bust of a smiling girl with long hair - back view


Cyanotype of two evergreen sprigs

Cyanotype of thee flowers and three ferns


Cyanotype of two flowers and a sprig with seven leaves