The Invitational Process

Featured Artist Selection


Featured Artist Selection

The Door County Plein Air Festival is an invitational event. Our Featured Artist selection process begins the year prior to our Festival. A committee comprised of both notable, professional artists and collectors invites the field of approximately 40 Featured Artists. They review a selection of artists from a database we maintain, which includes approximately 1500 plein air artists from around the country.

To Be Considered by the Committee

To be considered by the Door County Plein Air Festival Invitations Committee, an artist must meet the following criteria:

  • Be recognized regionally/nationally as a plein air artistArtist Dan Mondloch
  • Are currently represented by a fine art gallery with sales and regional/national media exposure
  • Have been juried, or invited to participate, in other national plein air festivals within the last two years
  • The committee also considers the following:
  • Artists must represent a variety of media and styles
  • Approximately 40% of participating artists reside in the Midwest
  • At least 40% are new to the Festival each year

If you would like to be added to the database or would like to send updated images for our files, please submit the following no later than August 15, 2019 (for consideration in 2020):

  • A letter of inquiry explaining your interest in the Festival with an active link to your website
  • A current resume that verifies a match to the above criteria
  • Five digital examples of current plein air artwork (at least 5x7” @ 300 dpi) 

Inquiries accepted by email only. Send to

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose to send information, this is not considered a formal submission or application as this is an invitational not a juried event. We are unable to respond to all inquiries.