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Feedback, Feedback, Feedback

By Elysia Michaelsen, Director of Education on 11/30/2018

Critiques are an indispensable component of every artist's education, growth, and individual path. Unfortunately, far too many see it as a setting to be feared. Rather, look at it as a rest stop along your studio practice's ongoing journey; a place to stop, check your direction, clear the trash out of the car, and refresh yourself for the next leg. Filled with practical information from a variety of perspectives, critiques provide you with the means to reflect on the purpose and progress of your artistic journey.

Peninsula School of Art's Critique Group aims to do just that! Made up of artists of all backgrounds and each a rich source of information, monthly critiques will provide feedback and dialogue specific to your goals and needs. One participant may help you to solve a technical issue; another may provide references of other artists tackling similar topics in their practices; and another may almost seem psychic, sharing thoughts about your work that you immediately resonate with, but are not yet sure why. See? Indispensable!

If you're still not sure if this experience is right for you, here are answers to a few commonly asked questions that might just convince you.

  • How does PenArt's Critique Group work?
    Our first convening on Friday, December 7th will serve as an introduction to each other and our work. Each artist will bring one piece, in-progress or finished, to share with the group. One-by-one artists will give a brief overview of their practice and chosen piece - a few sentences - and feedback will be delivered in written form using a fan favorite critique method called The Triple Threat. Artists will take their individualized feedback home and review at their own pace.
    The following meetings will each focus on a select number of artists - approximately 4 - 6. Artists will reserve a 20-minute block to show and discuss their work with the group. The number of pieces and focus of the conversation are the artist's choice. Elysia Michaelsen, Director of Education, will act as a moderator to keep the discussion on track and on time. 
  • When and where do we meet?
    Critique Group meets on the first Friday of every month from 3 to 5pm in the painting studio at Peninsula School of Art year-round.
  • Who can participate?
    Everyone! This program is designed as a safe space for artists to share their work and start a dialogue with peers. Everyone is welcome who is interested in participating in a constructive and creative community.
  • How do I reserve a spot to share my work?
    Email Elysia at workshop@PeninsulaSchoolofArt.org with your desired date. The only prerequisite for sharing your work is that you have attended once before. If you're visiting from out of town or have another reason you cannot attend a meeting before your critique, email Elysia.

We hope to see you and your work on Friday, December 7th! If you have any questions, call or email Elysia at 920.868.3455 or workshop@PeninsulaSchoolofArt.org.


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The "Quiet" Season

By Elysia Michaelsen, Director of Education on 11/09/2017

Fall is here and winter is coming. For many artists along the peninsula, it is the most prolific time of the year. The busy days of the tourist season are fewer and farther between, allowing time to hunker down in the studio to experiment, determine a new direction, and produce a body of work. For Peninsula School of Art, the quiet season brings community partners into our studios through outreach programming, as well as artists interested in pursuing longer-term and more self-defined projects; complementing our summer workshop offerings.

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