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Stories from PenArt

Summer Studios for Young Artists: A Day in the Life PenArt provides a range of summer workshops designed for the youngest of artists to unleash their creativity, develop their skills, and pursue new ... Read More
Selecting the Right Workshop for You: A How-To Over 100 instructors will pass through PenArt’s studios this summer; each one bringing a different approach to and perspective on art making. While ... Read More
Distracted in the Studio? Five Tips for Gaining Focus There is a saying that 80% of success is showing up. How difficult could that final push across the finish line be? Yet, inspiration and drive vanish ... Read More
Feedback, Feedback, Feedback Critiques are an indispensable component of every artist's education, growth, and individual path. Unfortunately, far too many see it as a setting to ... Read More
A Conversation with Sculpture Instructor Amy Brier When did you first begin working in stone? What does stone offer, both technically and conceptually, that other sculpting media don't? Read More
A Conversation with Sculpture Instructor Teresa Lind Your work utilizes metal casting processes. When did you begin working in metal? What interested you most about these intensive methods and materials? Read More