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Stories from PenArt

A Conversation with Painting Instructor Gregory Euclide Much of your work combines a variety of media. Can you provide some insight into how your practice evolved from more traditional painting/drawing to ... Read More
A Conversation with Sculpture Instructor Amy Brier When did you first begin working in stone? What does stone offer, both technically and conceptually, that other sculpting media don't? Read More
A Conversation with Printmaking Instructor Melissa Wagner-Lawler Your work investigates the destruction of language and communication. How do printmaking techniques and book forms promote those concepts? Read More
A Conversation with Drawing Instructor Kate Borcherding Your practice explores the human figure and related narratives through a range of materials and scales, from large ceramic sculptures to intimate ... Read More
A Conversation with Sculpture Instructor Teresa Lind Your work utilizes metal casting processes. When did you begin working in metal? What interested you most about these intensive methods and materials? Read More
A Conversation with Photography Instructor Hannah Foslien You work in the field of documentary photography with a focus on sports. How did you come to combine these two interests? Read More