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A Conversation with Sculpture Instructor Teresa Lind


Your work utilizes metal casting processes. When did you begin working in metal? What interested you most about these intensive methods and materials?

My very first encounter with metal casting was in my Sculpture I class at UW-Oshkosh. It was 1997. I saw the advanced students casting and I was completely smitten.
What projects are you currently working on?
I have two large commissions in the studio right now; both with a May 1 deadline. One is for Bookworm Gardens in Sheboygan and the other is for the City of Lake Mills.
How does your practice impact your teaching philosophy? And vice versa?
I think it's really important that my students see that I am working artist and that I work hard. When I ask for hard work from them, they know I'm not asking for anything that I wouldn't do myself. Conversely, they are always coming up with interesting ideas and new problems to solve. When we solve them together, it always adds to both their arsenal of knowledge, as well as mine.
What are you most looking forward to during your time teaching at PenArt?
I love the workshop environment. It's really intensive and the students learn this thousands of years old technology in less than a week. I love the idea that everyone knows they are connecting with history. At the same time, the environment at PenArt is so relaxed and I always look forward to seeing the amazing staff. It is one of my most anticipated times of the year; I love it!
How can we find you and your work on social media and the web?
I share a studio and website with my husband Garrett - www.cowyardstudio.com, which is named after the farm I grew up on. You can also find us on Facebook at Cowyard Studio.

Teresa will be teaching "Bronze Casting" June 20-24, 2017. Learn more about her workshop here.


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