Stories from PenArt

A Conversation with Painting Instructor Susan Ploughe In your statement, you discuss avoiding formulaic approaches to making work. When working on a series of paintings that address a similar subject ... Read More
It's All About the Base Although the current exhibition, Beyond Scratching the Surface: Today's Ceramic Decoration, focuses on how potters choose to embellish their work, I ... Read More
A Conversation with Mixed Media Instructor Sarah Rehmer How does the medium of encaustic contribute to your work, technically and conceptually, in ways that other paint media does not? Encaustic is an ... Read More
A Conversation with Metals Instructor Julie Sanford When did you begin working in metals? How did you find this path? I began working in metals in high school, but my interest in making jewelry came ... Read More
Like Watching Paint Dry? The saying "it's like watching paint dry" generally describes the most boring of experiences. With an event that entails the act of witnessing paint ... Read More
A Conversation with Drawing Instructor Liz Miller Your practice is rooted in painting. In what ways does that sensibility translate to your collage-like drawings and large-scale installations? I have ... Read More