Stories from PenArt

Like Watching Paint Dry? The saying "it's like watching paint dry" generally describes the most boring of experiences. With an event that entails the act of witnessing paint ... Read More
A Conversation with Drawing Instructor Liz Miller Your practice is rooted in painting. In what ways does that sensibility translate to your collage-like drawings and large-scale installations? I have ... Read More
Back to the Future En Plein Air The introduction of plein air painting in the late 1800s was possible due to the invention of two items we take for granted today: the French easel ... Read More
A Conversation with Photography Instructor Travis Roozee When did you start working in photography? How did you find this path? When I was about eight years old, I used my parents' Kodak to make snapshots ... Read More
The Gallery as Meeting Place Situated in our main building, our Guenzel Gallery provides a point of entry to the 2-D studios in the east wing and the 3-D studios to the west. ... Read More
A Conversation with Painting Instructor Gregory Euclide Much of your work combines a variety of media. Can you provide some insight into how your practice evolved from more traditional painting/drawing to ... Read More