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A Conversation with Painting Instructor Gregory Euclide


Much of your work combines a variety of media. Can you provide some insight into how your practice evolved from more traditional painting/drawing to the relief work you have been making the last several years?
Landscape is a selective process. Many hold dear the type of landscape that might be found on a postcard or seen from a scenic turnout. What I noticed, is that the scenic turnout, most of the time, allows you to only look at nature that is very far away. When I would walk out to one of those distant places from the turnout, the space would frequently be littered with waste. Even the most pristine spaces, when looked at closely, were full of human waste. To make my traditional landscape drawings more "real", I wanted to include that.
What are you currently working on in the studio?
Currently, I am working on a series of relief works that have traditional paintings built into twisted plastic substrates.
How does your practice impact your teaching philosophy? And vice versa?
Everything I do in the studio and classroom is based on exploration; I learn and teach through doing. 
What are you most looking forward to during your time teaching at PenArt?
I'm looking forward to exploring the unique landscape of Door County and creating some great examples of land based works.
How can we find you and your work on social media and the web?
You can find me on Instagram @gregory_euclide, on Twitter @gregoryeuclide, and on my website. 


Gregory will be teaching Sense of Place July 24-26, 2017. Learn more about his workshop here.

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