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The Gallery as Meeting Place


Situated in our main building, our Guenzel Gallery provides a point of entry to the 2-D studios in the east wing and the 3-D studios to the west. Whether you are a casual visitor or a student, the necessity of passing through the space is an intentional design feature.

The Gallery is more than a place to display artwork. It's ideal purpose is to be a gathering place, a place to exchange ideas and to share in the joy of personal expression. Beyond the artists' panel discussions that open each exhibition with interaction between artist and art enthusiast, the Gallery opens its doors for all to enjoy—free of charge—each day.

Sized for two or more people, benches for seating are placed throughout the Gallery for visitors to pause, reflect and discuss the exhibited works. A couch with art books for children beckons families to get cozy as they share stories about fine art and its creators. Complimentary coffee on the gallery desk enhances the welcoming atmosphere.

Recently, the Draw DoCo life drawing group has held its Wednesday night sessions in the Gallery. The models and artists have expressed gratitide for their new, spacious home that promotes inspiration under its two-story-high cupola. In the warmer months, gallery visitors can enjoy the natural extension to the space with PenArt's glorious gardens providing the setting for large-scale sculpture.

The next time you plan to meet a friend for coffee, consider the Guenzel Gallery. The coffee is hot and the works on display are guaranteed to spark interesting conversation.


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